Cake & All Things Yummy proudly works with families everyday to make sure the special day is even more special. The three options that we provide, which you are certainly not limited to, are the traditional tiered cake, the dessert table, and the cupcake wedding.

If you book with us, we offer a FREE anniversary cake on your one year anniversary!
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If you enjoy the beauty and tradition of a tiered wedding cake, then this is the option for you! For a two tiered cake, the price starts at $120 and feed about 35 people. We have a variety of sizes and shapes to help fill everyone's needs. Head on over to the "Gallery" page to see more wedding photos.



If you have a broad appreciation of all things yummy, then this is the option for you! This is an appealing option to many brides and grooms, for it offers a diverse selection of desserts for guests to enjoy. A beautiful dessert table that could consist of lemon tartlettes, cake pops, cupcakes, chocolate dipped items, a variety of dessert cakes or a beautiful tiered centerpiece cake to tie in the tradition with the fun!



The trend for a cupcake wedding is in full swing! A large part of the appeal of cupcakes is the vast variety of flavor options you and your guests can indulge in. While you not only get a variety of flavors, it saves time by having to stand there and cut a whole tiered cake! Worried about where you're going to display a couple dozen cupcakes? No worries! Scroll down for more info on cake stands.



Cake & All Things Yummy offers a variety of stands for every style wedding. From wooden, to metal, to just plain, there is something for everyone to display there delicious dessert on!


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